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I feel tough now

2007-07-31 22:58:42 by Shipoopi222

I was mowing my lawn and I ran over a hole in the ground filled with bees I felt them crawling on my face and back but I wanted to finish the job so I went back for more. Under a cloud of bees I got stung once. After being stung I tried to continue on but the cloud got too thick. So now the lawnmower sits next to an underground bee's nest. I got stung, my mom got stung, and my dog got stung. I'll try to get some pics tommorow (hopefully without getting stung).


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2007-08-01 22:13:02

lol i gotta see this

Shipoopi222 responds:

I can't get pics because the day I said I would my dad sprayed the nest and found another one and sprayed while getting stung twice. But who know there still might be some I'll check soon.


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