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Line Rider

2007-08-03 23:01:50 by Shipoopi222

I just tried Line Rider for the first time after watching videos of peple playing it on YouTube and it looks cool so it must be awesome right? Wrong! I hate the game, It gives you the choice of drawing the course for the guy to ride on with Blue, Green, or Red. The guy can only ride on Blue so what's the point? Second the guy is in a sled, the game would be better if the guy was on a motorcycle or bicycle so you could excelerate and make it up a hill instead of haing to draw a huge drop down wicked low. Third the eraser is tiny and the pencil sticks so it could take ten minutes or more to set up a decent course. Fourth the tracks a normal person could make look nothing like the ones on YouTube so if you want to make a Line Rider video you have to spend a year just on making the course, then if it doesn't work you have to erase the bad part with the microscopic eraser. I would definitly have more fun riding a sled off a 7 foot drop (which I have).



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2007-08-07 11:39:03

One time, I rode off of a 7 foot, 1 inch drop. BEAT THAT!

Shipoopi222 responds: